UK Viewers Snub Prince Harry Tell-All as ITV Interview Beat by 'Happy Valley' in Ratings

James Corden recapped highlights from Prince Harry’s tell-all interview with ITV during Monday evening’s episode of “The Late Late Show,” ribbing the Duke of Sussex, in particular, for the time dedicated to talking about losing his virginity.

The Duke of Sussex’s appearance on the British free-to-air public broadcast television network came ahead of the Tuesday release of his book “Spare.”

One of the highlights Corden honed in on was Harry describing having to get approval from his family on whether or not he could have a beard for his own wedding.

“I would feel very, very different without my beard and that’s hard for people to understand who have never grown a beard,” Harry explained before briefly turning directly to the camera. “But hopefully, those beard people out there will go, ‘Yeah, no. I fully get that and understand’.”

“I love the turn to the camera as he addresses the bearded community,” Corden quipped, soon stroking a fake beard. “I just imagine some guy at home watching this interview like ‘You tell him H.’”

During the interview, Harry was also asked about losing his virginity in a pub, to which he responded it was “only four lines” of the book.

“Only four lines. That’s OK. It happens to a lot of guys the first time, it does,” Corden joked. “In a field behind a pub, that’s one of those things that’s worse than the sum of its parts. You lose your virginity in a field or in a pub, right? Not great either way. In a field behind a pub, that’s terrible, isn’t it?”

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Corden’s final highlight focused on Harry using marijuana, magic mushrooms and cocaine when he was young.

“I tell you what, the last place I would want to be as a royal is high on mushrooms in the palace,” Corden said. “Imagine being high on mushrooms walking down a hallway with pictures of all of your ancestors, starting talking to you telling you where to go, what to do.”

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According to data from UK broadcasters, Harry’s sitdown with ITV’s Tom Bradby had an average of 4.1 million TV viewers. Samba TV notes that Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey outpaced the Sunday interview by 116% in the United Kingdom.

The snub from British audiences comes as a new survey by YouGov found 64% of respondents have a negative view of Harry, compared to 26% who have a positive view. As for Markle, 65% have a negative view, compared to 23% who have a positive view.

Watch the full “Late Late Show” segment in the video above.

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