The OAS unanimously condemns the "fascist" actions in Brazil

The representatives of the 34 member countries before the Organization of American States (OAS) and its Secretary General, Luis Almagro, agreed on Wednesday in unanimously condemn the “fascist” actions in Brazil.

In an extraordinary meeting of the Permanent Council of the OETo study the events that occurred last Sunday in the South American nation, Almagro described as “fascist” and “coupist” the irruption of thousands of followers of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro at the headquarters of Parliament, the Supreme Court and the Presidency.

“The fascist mobilization that invaded Brazil on Sunday is part of a movement that is present not only in Brazil, it is present in other countries” in the region, said the Uruguayan diplomat in Washington.

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During the session, convened at the request of the General Secretariat of the OAS and nine countries, including the United States, Chile and Colombia, the 34 member states of the organization They expressed their rejection of Sunday’s attack.

In addition to the ambassadors, the permanent observers to the OAS of the governments of Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) intervened to express their rejection, an unusual event during the extraordinary sessions of the body.

The Brazilian ambassador to the OAS, Otávio Brandelli, thanked the governments of the region for their support and assured that those responsible for the “acts of violence and vandalism” in his country will be brought to justice.

“The Brazilian State and its democratic institutions will respond to the seriousness of the acts committed,” said the diplomat.

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Both Almagro and the ambassadors of countries like Colombia and Chile, whose executives are part of the new progressive wave in South America, alerted that the events in Brazil correspond to a pattern of attacks by the ultra-right on the continent.

The representative of Colombia, Luis Ernesto Vargas, described the events of the weekend and the radical Bolsonaristas as “actions of fascists and recalcitrant fanatics”, respectively.

Vargas considered that it is not about an isolated attack, but responds to a “pattern” of “ignorance of the popular will, which is aimed at undermining the work of progressive governments in the region”.

The Colombian ambassador to the OAS criticized, on the other hand, the reaction of this body to the situation in Brazil. “It seems to me that the role of the OAS has been very poor, really, and that must be recognized,” he told EFE.

Photo: Reuters

The Honduran ambassador to the OAS, Carlos Quesada, pointed out, for his part, during the Permanent Council session that the events in Brazil should concern “the entire continent.”

“We don’t know where something that happens in Brazil will be replicated next week, next year (…) this is becoming a bad habit,” lamented the Central American diplomat.

After the attack on Sunday, some 1,500 Bolsonaro protesters were arrested by the Brazilian authorities, after they stormed the headquarters of the three powers, with the intention of overthrowing the progressive Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a week after he assumed the leadership of State in Brazil.

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