They steal the bicycle of an Argentine traveler who crosses Mexico with his dog

Diego Simonetta has traveled the American continent for seven years by bicycle; he recently adopted in Chiapas Massa Creole dog who accompanied him to Mexicali, where they stole their means of transportation, documents, and other belongings.

Through social networks, Diego tells that he was going to Tijuana and Los Cabos, when he stopped in Mexicali at the fire station, to heat water. However, when he returned, his belongings were gone.

THEY STOLEN MY BIKE WITH THE TRAILER AND ALL THE LUGGAGE AND EVEN MY PASSPORT. On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, in the City of Mexicali, Baja California, at 10 p.m., inside Mexicali Fire Station No. 1, they took her away in a matter of minutes when I entered the kitchen to warm up. water for some mates.

In the interview with local media, Diego recounted what he would spend the night in the maneuvering yard of the fire station, where he set up his tent.

He left his dog for several minutes Mass and the bicycle, but when he returned, the bicycle was gone.

The trailer, the bike, and the luggage were gone, and on the bike I also had my documents, vaccination card, money, clothes, handicrafts, all of our lives.

He called for people to help him to recover his bicycle and his documents.

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