Briella hired a lawyer for alleged plagiarism of Shakira

The Venezuelan singer Briella assured that Shakira “He was inspired” in his song “Solo tú” for session 53 that he recorded with the Argentine producer Bizarrap (BZRP).

Since the premiere of Shakira’s song, Briella went out on social networks to show the similarities between both singles and ask that you give him credits in case the Colombian was inspired by “Solo tú”.

Now, the artist from Venezuela hired the lawyer Jean Paul Vissepo, a specialist in music law and matters. Briella has said that does not seek to confront or sue Shakirabut to take advice on how inspiration could be tested and reach a resolution without major conflicts.

In an interview for the program “La Mesa Caliente”, by Telemundothe lawyer said:

“More than anything it has been because of the controversy. Both parties are very serious parties. A controversy has been created by a tweet that was made; there is a lot of respect, but it is simply because of the controversy. as Briella says may be a coincidence And she doesn’t want a bittersweet feeling. It’s not a lawsuit or anything like that.It’s just to settle the matter. It is simply to clarify: if it was a coincidence, it was a coincidence ”

Subsequently, Vissepo assured that he is already in communication with the legal team of the Colombian artist. He did not give details, but affirmed that both parties seek to reach an agreement. “friendly agreement”.

It is not the first time that Shakira faces plagiarism allegations. Several of his most relevant hits have been questioned for their originality, such as “Waka waka”, “Hips don’t lie”, “Loca”, among other topics.

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(With information from Brandon Celaya and Aristegui News)

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