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“It transcended, in the Millennium

That as a “correct gesture” Senator Ricardo Monreal evaluated the Morenista guideline to be considered in the same conditions as the three presidential corcholatas heading for the succession, ruled out “overflowing in optimism” or “throwing the bells to the fly”, and defended his decision to stay in his party: “We decided to stay in Morena up to the limit of dignity. We don’t have to go to any other option.” We will have to wait and see how those invitations to the Zacatecan that Mario Delgado proposed to the governors turn out.

“Templo Mayor” in Reforma

RECOGNIZED as an expert ophthalmologist, the rector Enrique Graue is seeing beyond the obvious in what refers to the case of the plagiarized thesis of the minister Yasmin Esquivel Mossa. In other words, his apparent lack of decision is a decision of great importance for the UNAM.

AND IT IS THAT in November of this year the new rector will be elected and, evidently, neither Graue nor the university community want the federal government to put its hands on the process. It is no secret to anyone that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador since the beginning of his six-year term, he has had in his sights the UNAM; wanting to take away autonomy and adding it to the cult of “transformation”.

“Under Reserve” at El Universal

They tell us that, on the Morena bench in the Chamber of Deputies, everything is ready to hold its plenary sessions, the last two days of January.

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In them there will be four guests of honor, none other than the presidential “corcholatas” Adán Augusto López, Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and Ricardo Monreal. Only three of the four attended the last plenary session, but this time, they assure us, Monreal will be invited, yes or yes, because that is what the leadership headed by Mario Delgado requested.

They make us see that if the Morena aspirants are going to travel to all the states governed by Morena to attend the invitation that the governors and governors will make them and they will be in plenary, what time are they going to work on their government responsibilities?

“Political Fronts” in Excelsior

one.Well behaved. The national president of the PRI, Alejandro Morenosaid he recognized “the generosity, support and political backing” of his PAN counterparts, Marko Cortesand the PRD, Jesus Zambranodue to the agreements that the Va por México coalition took for the 2023 and 2024 elections.

He confirmed that the voices of civil society will be heard in the process of defining future candidacies.

Accompanied by PRI state leaders from across the country, Moreno Cardenas He trusted that this year, in alliance with said political forces, they will win the elections in the State of Mexico and in Coahuila. He is confident of winning the two contested governorships in 2023, to begin with. The bad: some say the alliance would be stronger without him.

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