They report the disappearance of an activist and a teacher in Michoacán

On the afternoon of Sunday, January 15, the lawyer and human rights defender Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca, together with the teacher Antonio Diaz, They disappeared after leaving the Aquilla community auditorium heading towards Colima.

In an open letter, the Lagunes family assures that the last communication they had with the lawyer occurred when he was passing over the bridge from Coahuayana, Michoacan, in the limits of Colima.

The family shares in the letter that the truck in which they were both traveling was located on the highway that leads to the state of Colima, in the area known as the topes de cerro de Ortega area. According to the medium Parallel Chiapasthe vehicle had several firearms impacts.

Throughout this week, relatives of the activist have spread the case on social networks, asking for help from the public for the location alive by Ricardo Lagunes and Antonio Diaz.

Last Monday, members of the Nahua community of Aquila closed traffic in the coahuayana bridge to demand the appearance alive of the professor and the activist defending Human Rights. Human rights defense organizations have joined this demand.

Atenco, Acteal and Ricardo Lagunes

In 2014, Ricardo Lagunes, as a lawyer for the inhabitants of San Salvador Atenco, denounced that the community members of that place “they are dispossessing themthey are taking away all his assets”, because they want his land to be used for “complementary projects” of the airport of Mexico City that was going to be built in the area of ​​the Lake Texcoco.

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Likewise, the activist managed through the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), for the Mexican State to make the International Recognition of Responsibility for the Acteal case on September 3, 2020.

(Reporting by Brandon Celaya)

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