Reunion of 'Aida'

18 years ago one of the most emblematic series in Spain premiered: ‘Aída’, the spinoff of ‘7 lives’ that followed Aída (Carmen Machi) and the rest of the residents of the fictional neighborhood of Esperanza Sur and that gave us 237 episodes for nine years. The main cast has decided celebrate the occasion by meeting mostly in a bar where there has been no lack of music, laughter and a song sung by all: ‘Que nadie me raise la voz’ by Bebewhich any fan will recognize as being the most representative of the series.

Paco León has uploaded a video where, in addition to seeing Machi, we recognize Melani Olivares, Ana Polvorosa, Eduardo Casanova, Miren Ibarguren, Pepa Rus, David Castillo, Secun de la Rosa and Canco Rodríguez, as well as many other souvenir photos from the shoot, assuring that it was “A series that changed the lives of all of us who worked on it”. Now practically all of them are consolidated performers, although Paco León himself has also made the leap into conducting. In the photos of the party we see a lot of emotion and even A kiss among the actors who played Paz and Luisma, the great love story of ‘Aída’. The clip ends with everyone singing ‘Let no one raise my voice’ and it was about time for this reunion!

“Today we have had a private meeting where we have laughed and cried”has written the one who played “Barajas”, Luisma’s best friend, on his social networks. “It had been years, many years, since this group hug had happened”. For his part, Castillo, who played “El Jonathan” since he was twelve years old, has also shared his gratitude on social networks: “18 years now. Growing up in ‘Aida’ has meant a lot of emotions, I won’t deny it. But if I look back, I smile and I can only thank all of you who taught me what it is to love the profession and life. Thank you.”

The remaining

In the text that accompanied the video, Paco León has written: “There are some missing but it had to be done”. Indeed, he is surrounded by a large part of the main cast, but the absence of some of the most beloved actors and actresses is noticeable, as is the case of Mariano Peña (Mauricio Colmenero)Pepe Viyuela (Chema)Oscar Reyes (“Machu Picchu”)Marisol Ayuso (Mrs. Eugenia) and Sanseverina Lazar (Aidita).

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