They prosecute 'El 15': they accuse him of extorting and beating taxi drivers

The Sonora State Attorney General’s Office reported that Vicente “N”, alias “El Chente” or “el 15”, was linked to the trial for the crimes of attempted murder qualified with treachery and advantage, as well as improper firing of a firearm.

The authority identifies him as extortionist and aggressor of taxi drivers.

His identity was revealed through videos on social networks, when he beat his victims with boards.

The crimes for which he was linked to the process were against a person identified as Jorge Luis “N”.

“El 15”, 40 years old, originally from Ahome, Sinaloa, was located and apprehended in the city of Los Mochis, by federal and state elements.

The defendant, after his arrest on January 1, was held at the Social Reintegration Center (CERESO) in Nogales, Sonora; although he is currently in the Hermosillo prison.

The Sonoran prosecutor’s office announced that there is an investigation file open for the crime of fire damage, committed to the detriment of Eligio “N”, in events that occurred in the Nuevo Nogales neighborhood.

Vicente “N.”, alias “El Chente” and/or “el 15”, is also indicated as allegedly responsible for human trafficking, drug dealing and in charge of collecting fees from pirate or illegal taxis in Nogales.

For this crime, he started an investigation folder ex officio, when his identity was revealed through videos on social networks, when he hit the victims with boards.

“The modus operandi of organized crime when extorting pirate taxi operators is to request a fee that they must cover on a weekly basis, and if they do not do so, the criminals beat their victims with boards.”

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