'We are very comfortable' |  Now politicians and businessmen express support for Adán Augusto López |  Videos

After a few days ago a series of videos went viral in which footballers and ex-footballers sent messages of support to the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandeznow politicians and businessmen also joined the initiative with the hashtag #WeAreAgusto.

Through social networks, Councilor Carlos Lomelí and Councilor Alejandra Peña They shared recordings in which they greeted López Hernández from Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, respectively.

The former candidate for governor of Aguascalientes for Morena, Arturo ÁvilaHe also joined the messages in the company of the former president of the Commission for Youth and the Sport in Quintana Roo, Antonio López.

Similarly, the businessman Hector Melesio He sent his support to the Secretary of the Interior.

Everyone agreed with the message: “… We tell him that we are comfortable”.

Adán Augusto thanks but asks to “adhere to the constitutional framework”

After receiving the support of ex-soccer players and soccer players, Adán Augusto López called not to spread messages or propagandathat their name, image or public position be used on social networks or any means of communication or dissemination, since it is currently not the electoral season.

Therefore, the federal official asked his sympathizers abide by the constitutional and legal framework.

There are a series of limitations and restrictions when it comes to communicating support to some public officials, as is my case.

Gio and Braulio distance themselves from any political campaign

After the dissemination of the videos, Giovani Dos Santos distanced himself from any type of political campaign in favor of the person in charge of the country’s internal policy.

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Two saints, Currently without belonging to any professional First Division teamhe expressed in the video.

I am very comfortable with your friendship, I send you a big hug.

Later, Gio published a statement on Twitter in which he stated that the greeting to López Hernández was requested by a friend.

Two saints denied that the video was made as part of a political campaign:

I take advantage of this medium to define my image and any misuse that is being given to this video that is circulating on the networks, emphasizing that it was NOT made as part of any campaign or for any purpose of political support in particular.

Subsequently, the ex-soccer player and sports commentator, Braulio Moonassured that the video circulating on social networks in favor of the Secretary of the Interior was privately requested by a friend with the intention of congratulate the official on his birthday, which was held on September 24.

Through your account Twitter, Luna denied that the video was intended “take advantage or do something wrong” and regretted the “misunderstanding”.

“Clarify that the video that is circulating on social networks in which, they suppose and assure that I am campaigning and proselytizing, It was privately requested by a friend with the sole intention of congratulating Mr. Secretary on his birthday, making a pun and that’s it. At no time has there been the intention of either party to take advantage or do something improper. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Good morning,” Luna wrote.

(With information from Christian Granados)


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