Pedro Pascal to Make 'Saturday Night Live' Hosting Debut in February

It’s been two months since Shepard Smith’s “The News With Shepard Smith” was canceled at CNBC, and now Brian Sullivan is set to fulfill the one-hour time slot with a new show called “The Last Call,” TheWrap has confirmed.

Sullivan, who is currently the anchor of “Worldwide Exchange,” will step into the role of anchor for CNBC’s new 7 pm business journalism show, “The Last Call.”

“’Last Call’ is a fast-paced, entertaining business show that explores the intersection of money, culture and policy. Through panels, debates and newsmakers,” said CNBC President KC Sullivan in a memo to employees about the changes to the weekday lineup. “’Last Call’ will not only deliver fresh takes on the biggest business topics of the day, but also shine a light on the other important stories that our viewers may have missed, all with an eye on what’s going to matter to the markets the next day.”

In addition, CNBC is shaking up its programming with an additional hour of “Squawk on the Street,” which replaced the 11 am hour for “TechCheck.” That series will be anchored by Carl Quintanilla and Sara Eisen. However, “TechCheck” will continue as a branded franchise and air as segments with Deidra Bosa serving as anchor.

Other shows that will fill the CNBC lineup include reruns of “Shark Tank,” “Mad Money,” “The Exchange” and “Undercover Boss.”

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