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Robert Eggers (‘The Witch’) has already begun to shape the idea that he has been pursuing for several years of making a Nosferatu remakethe 1922 horror film, to which Willem Dafoe could be added.

As reported Deadline, the director and his ‘The Lighthouse’ star could have reunited with their eyes on the new film. So far it was known that Eggers would be the director of the adaptation of the horror film, produced by Focus Features, and that part of the cast, already confirmed, we would see familiar faces like Lily-Rose Depp (‘The King’), Bill Skarsgård (‘It’) and Nicholas Houltwho is also currently working on another vampire movie (‘Renfield’).

In the new installment, the story of a young woman who finds herself stalked by an old vampire from Transylvania. Set in 19th century Germany, Eggers will bring to our screens a modern version of the classic film about another of the most terrifying vampires of all time.

Closing circle for Willem Dafoe

Although the role that Dafoe could have in this film has not yet been confirmed, since the production company has not ruled on it either, the fact of working on it would be the closing of a circle, since In 2001 he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Nosferatu in ‘Shadow of the Vampire’.

It seems that Eggers and Dafoe make a good team together, since it would not be their first project. In 2019 they worked on ‘El faro’ and three years later they got together again on ‘El Hombre del Norte’.

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Dafoe is currently working on the new Wes Anderson film ‘Asteroid City’ and Vasilis Katsoupis’ ‘Inside’ among others.


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