Condusef attended 44 thousand 209 claims in CDMX in 2022

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) reported that during 2022, 44,209 claims were registered against banking, credit and other financial entities in Mexico City.

The figure represents 19.2 percent of the national data.

According to the Condusef, this meant a reduction of 6.2% compared to 2021, when 47,125 were reported.

The total amount of the claims was for 2 thousand 870 million pesos, of which 359.4 million pesos were recovered; that is, 12.5 percent of what was claimed.

The mayor’s office with the highest number of claims was Iztapalapa; which concentrated 11.9 percent of the total procedures, followed by the Benito Juárez mayor’s office with 9 percent.

However, Coyoacán was where the highest number of resolutions in favor of users was registered, with 39.2 percent.

The most requested products in the period were: credit card, debit card and collection effortswhich together represented 38% of the total claims in this entity.

In this period, of the five main products, Savings account was the only one that showed an increase in its claimscompared to the same period in 2021, of 26.0 percent, Condusef reported in a statement.

Regarding the causeunrecognized consumption”, the number of claims represented 34.1% for credit cards and 40.6% for debit cards.

Commercial Banking was the one that received the greatest number of claims, with 70 percent of the total number of cases -30 thousand 792 claims-; insurers ranked second with 6,134 cases, that is, 14 percent; and it was the sector that increased its number of signals compared to 2021 with 2.6 percent.

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In Mexico City, the banks most indicated by users in 2022 were Banco Nacional de México, BBVA México, Banco Azteca, Banco Mercantil del Norte and Banco Santander, which together accounted for 53 percent of the total.

“Of the 5 institutions with the highest number of claims in the entity, Banco Azteca stood out with an increase of 44.1% in relation to 2021. For its part, of those that showed a decrease in claims, Banco Santander México stood out, with 30.8% of decrease compared to 2021”.

By gender, of the total claims, 50% were filed by women and 50% by men.

The segment of adults aged 60 or over represented 34% of the total claims at the end of 2022, and the products with the most claims were credit cards, debit cards and savings accounts.

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