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    Jennifer López was about to fall off a cliff while filming an action scene for her romantic comedy: ‘Bodas de Plomo’.

    It all happened when a stunt went wrong and her dress caught on a vehicle wheel, dragging the actress and her co-star, Josh Duhamel.

    The cast of the film was interviewed by BuzzFeed Celeb and, when asked who they thought could nail a trick on the first take, Lopez shared the “near miss.”

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    Josh and I got really good at stunts. Especially when we were handcuffed and had to do all those flips.

    Except for that one time we almost fell off a cliff,he added.That was not funny.

    His companions asked for explanations, so he proceeded to describe what happened: “Do you remember the scene where my dress got caught on a wheel? He got caught and dragged me. I was yelling at Josh, ‘Please don’t let go of me!’

    In the film, López and Duhamel play a wedding couple who are going to get married in an exotic place. However, the ceremony experiences a turn of events when the guests are taken hostage and the protagonists are forced to resolve the situation.

    Shortly after the start of filming, Armie Hammer, who was the main choice to bring Lopez’s love interest to life, left the project due to the controversy that began to unfold around him.

    His role in the film was handed over to Duhamel after this.

    The actor discussed the veracity of the violent messages attributed to him and announced in a statement (via The Wrap): “I will not respond to this harassment, but due to all the online attacks that have been launched against me, I cannot leave my children for 4 months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic. lionsgate supports me in this decision and I am very grateful for it.”

    Tasha Hegarty is a freelance news writer at Digital Spy.

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