They attack police officers and strip them of their weapons in Morelos

Elements of the Morelos Police were attacked by armed men in Tetela del Volcán, confirmed the Public Safety Commission.

The events occurred this Saturday on Madero street in the town of San Pedro Tlalmimilulpan, located in Tetela del Volcán, after the police received a report of a fight.

“Upon arrival, the elements of the Morelos Police observed several men drinking intoxicating drinks, approaching them to indicate the administrative offense they were committing, the subjects threatened to kill and physically assaulted the uniformed officersLikewise, a man stripped one of the officers of his charge weapon.”

The statement described that two of the subjects ran towards the vehicles that were parked in the place, and took out firearms that they activated against the uniformed men; upon hearing the shots, the subjects who were in a fight with the officers fled into the woods.

According to testimonies, it was a group of approximately ten men, so it was necessary to mount an operation to rescue the officers.

The capture of two men with two firearms, supplied with several useful cartridges of different calibers, and two Nissan-brand vehicles was achieved.

The detainees identified themselves as 26-year-old Julio Everardo “N” and 26-year-old Ángel “N”, the latter was transferred to a hospital for medical attention and was kept under the protection of an element of the Morelos Police.

Brenda Guerra Valaguez, president of the governing board of the Institute for Municipal Development and Strengthening of the State of Morelos (IDEFOMM), called on federal and state authorities to reinforce security in the highlands of Morelos.

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He said that the municipal authorities in the area have implemented actions to strengthen security.

“What we have done, rather than asking for it to be strengthened, is to strengthen ourselves as neighboring municipalities and coordinate,” said the also mayoress of Jonacatepec.

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