Sheinbaum calls for unity and defense against 'slander' about the subway

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, called for unity among morenistas to “defend” comrades who are slandered.

He said that each and every militant who is part of the political project must be defended.

He made the call when mentioning the issue of the capital’s Metro:

also tell you a little bit about the Mexico City subway so that you help us disseminate and close all the slanders that are later said, that by a certain comrade who is slandered, a comrade who has to be defended, because that is the part of the unit, And I’m not saying it for myself, I’m saying it for everyone, for everyone, here we are together, all brothers and sisters, compañeras and compañeras. That is the essence of unity.

In a press conference, he made a call to maintain unity in the face of the process that is coming in 2024: “Unity always has to be important, not because there is no union in our movement, but it is essential to always continue to raise it in the face of what is going to be defined soon and by 2024”.

Sheinbaum spoke about his government’s programs during the plenary session of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies.

He said that it seems good to him that legislators promote the so-called ‘corcholatas’:

It is logical that there are people who support one person or another, the issue here is not to violate the electoral laws and that we always do it in unity, not generating internal conflicts, but always building, as I always say, here it is a step More for the transformation.

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