Ozzy Osbourne cancels his tour;  he does not feel the strength to continue

british rocker Ozzy Osbourne He said he is not “physically able” to tackle a tour of Europe and the UK this spring, as he is too weak for all the necessary travel involved in live shows.

The 74-year-old musician has undergone years of treatment after a fall in 2019 damaged his spine and aggravated injuries from a 2003 quad bike accident.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, the former leader of Black Sabbath announced the news, saying it was “probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to share with my loyal fans.”

Image: Facebook Ozzy Osbourne

“My only purpose during this time has been to return to the stage. my voice of singer it’s okay. However, after three operationsstem cell treatments, endless physiotherapy sessions and most recently the innovative Cybernetic Treatment (HAL), my body is still physically weak,” Osbourne said, referring to a treatment that involves a mechanical exoskeleton.

“Honestly, I am humbled by the way all of you have patiently guarded your tickets all this time, but in good conscience, I have now come to the conclusion that I am not physically capable to do the next dates of my tour in Europe and the UK, as I know that I would not be able to cope with the travel required, “he added.

Known to his followers as “Prince of DarknessOsbourne was famous for his extravagant stage performances. Later, at the turn of this century, he reinvented himself as a reality star, being filmed in his home with his wife Sharon and two of his children.

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Osbourne was scheduled to hit the stage in May, beginning his “No More Tours 2” tour in Helsinki, Finland, and ending in the British city of Birmingham in mid-June, according to the dates listed on his website.

“I never would have imagined my touring days would end this way,” Osbourne said. “My team is currently evaluating ideas for where I can take action without having to to travel from city to city and from country to country.


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