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‘John Wick’ star Keanu Reeves has filed a temporary restraining order against a manafter he declared himself a relative of hers and sneaked into her house on several occasions.

The alleged harasser, Bryan Dixon, has been accused of harassing Reeves and his partner Alexandra Grant for months. As stated TMZin some documents obtained by the medium, they would find evidence that Dixon would have sneaked into the actor’s house up to six times from November to January. That same document would also indicate that Dixon would have slept in the backyard of the property and that, on one of the occasions, he would have left a backpack that contained enough materials to carry out DNA tests.

Reeves hired a team to investigate Dixon, and to try to stop the numerous break-ins that he was committing. The actor’s legal team affirms that the man has no relationship with him and that they have found a warrant that was issued against him in Rhode Island twenty years ago for an alleged criminal trespass.

Dixon has repeatedly posted messages on social media referring to himself as “Jasper Keith Reeves” assuring that his intention is for Reeves to take care of him.

Next works of Reeves

This is a year of great work for the actor, who will premiere the March 24 ‘John Wick 4’ and with numerous projects in production and post-production such as ‘Constantine 2’, ‘BRZRKR’ or the spin-off of the ‘John Wick’ saga, ‘Ballerina’, where he works with Ana de Armas. Regarding the latter, the actor has said that: “It’s a very cool story.”

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