Saudi sponsorship of the Women's World Cup would "disempower" women

Former New Zealand international Maia Jackman said that he Saudi patronage of the Women’s World Cup 2023 would be something “totally contrary” to female empowerment and it would mean a setback in his work as tournament ambassador.

Australia Y New Zealandwho would co-host this year’s World Cup, wrote on Wednesday to the FIFA looking for one urgent clarification after what Guardian He reported that Visit Saudi will be chosen as the title sponsor of the tournament between nations.

Jackmanone of the Beyond Greatness Champions of FIFA, a women’s team that promotes the World Cup, stated that accepting such sponsorship from Saudi Arabia would be a “message of disempowerment” for women.

FIFA has a lot of power to change the world in favor of women and now this is coming to light. If (the Saudi sponsorship) comes to fruition, it will affect the way people view the sport. It’s hard when we try so hard to move things forward.

The FIFA Y Visit Saudi have refused to comment on sponsorship of the women’s World Cup, but the prospect of a trade deal has sparked outrage in host countries.

kate gillco-president of the footballers’ union Professional Footballers Australiacriticized that players are not consulted on trading decisions of FIFA and that the governing body does not comply with its own human rights commitments.

The also former forward of the Australian team gave the following statements in interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

Unfortunately, FIFA has consistently shown that it lacks the will to deliver on its own stated commitments, and this has eroded football’s ability to be a true force for good.

Previously, the New Zealand Sports Minister, Grant Robertsonstated that the FIFA should take into account the progress of his country in the empowerment of women and girls, when carrying out events and campaigns. “I would like to think that FIFA also understands this and that When you think about your trade agreements, keep it in mind“he added.

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The Women’s World Cup 2023 will be disputed from July 20 to August 20 in a joint organization between Australia Y New Zealand.

As for the progress in terms of women’s rights in the Saudi country, the crown prince Mohammed bin Salmanhas introduced reforms allowing women more control over their lives in recent years, but men continue to maintain a tight grip on power in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabianamed 2027 Asian Cup venue on Wednesday, also aspires to host the World Cup 2030as well as the Women’s Asian Cup in 2026.

(With information from Reuters)

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