Eva Green is in the midst of a dispute with the White Lantern Film company over the cancellation of the movie ‘A Patriot’, which Green was to star in under the direction of Dan Pringle. The actress signed a contract with the production that included the clause “act or pay”but the company was unable to find the necessary financing and canceled the project in 2019. Green has sued them for a million dollars and White Lantern, along with the financial company Sherborne Media Finance, has defended herself with a counterclaim accusing her of “conspiracy, deceit and unlawful interference” because, they say, it was she who caused the collapse of the production with the intention of taking over the rights to the script and making the film herself.

As part of the trial that this Tuesday, January 31, celebrated its fourth day, several messages that Green initially exchanged privately with other people have been exposed, including his agent, Charles Collier of Tavistock Wood; or Pringle, the director and screenwriter of ‘A Patriot’. In those WhatsApp, ‘Peaky Blinders’ actress calls out Sherborne’s team “morons” Y “sad little people” while describing one of the producers, Jake Seal, as “wicked” either “the devil”.

During questioning, Green described how “chaotic” the filming atmosphere, which would not have enough equipment, training for the stuntmen or staff in the production offices: “It was like an imaginary movie”Explain. In another message he called “fucking peasants” to the Black Hanger Studios team and “shit B-movie” to the whole project. In addition, he also expressed in writing that he wanted to retire so as not to work with Seal, who, in his opinion, hurt the quality of the film by lowering the budget. This message is key for the defense, which uses it as proof that it would have been Green who would have abandoned ‘A Patriot’ causing its cancellation and not the other way around. Asked if she used to lie in her communications, Green replied that she has “a very direct way of saying things” and that he did not expect those messages to be exposed, he described the whole situation as “humiliating”.

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cry of the heart

Green also justified that sometimes when you get angry, you say things that you don’t mean and that aren’t necessarily true: “You hate a person and you say, ‘I’m going to kill her,’ but are you going to kill this person? No. It’s a cry from the heart.” To exemplify all that and excuse him from saying that he did not want to continue in the film, he used as an example his partner from ‘Casino Royale’ Daniel Craig, who said in an interview in 2015 promoting ‘Spectre’ that he preferred to cut his wrists before interpret agent 007 again: “But did he cut his wrists? No, he did another Bond movie and he didn’t cut his wrists. Sometimes you say things because you’re under extreme pressure. They just come out. And I know the story because I know Daniel,” He said waking up the laughter in the room.

Max Mallin KC, a lawyer for the production company, accused Green of asking her driver, John Ward, whom she had written to advise him that the film would likely be cancelled, to lie for her, and that she did not have to speak to anyone. of the “total asshole” of the production team. In that exchange she also said that she believed she would be sued and that she was trying to relocate the project: “I’m not crazy,” Green replied, “I know what would happen if I broke my contract. My reputation would be destroyed and I would never work again.” Before concluding his testimony, Judge Michael Green asked Green how much he had originally understood to be invested in the film. She replied that it had started at around eight or nine million before halving.

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