They seek to disqualify and withdraw the identity card of the former director of ZooChilpan

After the controversy generated in Chilpancingo by the alleged exchange, sale and consumption of animals from the zoo at this site at the New Year’s Eve inn, Guerrero authorities are investigating the former director, José Rubén Nava, with a view to disqualifying him and withdrawing his professional license.

One of the situations that has been the subject of this controversy is that allegedly four pygmy goats were sacrificed and cooked at the zoo, for consumption by workers during a posada, in the month of December.

At a press conference, the Secretary of Transparency and Government Comptrollership of the state, Eduardo Genaro Loria Casanova, explained that the aim is to disqualify the former director of the site from public service and withdraw the professional license as a veterinarian.

He stressed that on December 13 of last year, he received information on the complaint about this type of irregularity, for which reason they began investigations and collected evidence to classify possible faults; among which stand animal abuse medical negligence and other behaviors.

He assured that administrative issues related to public resources are being investigated since it has a record of transactions carried out without the money being found, this due to the sale of species and exchange of work equipment, situations that could be classified as possible diversion of resources.

The Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARENA), Ángel Almazán Juárez, indicated that the investigations into these irregularities were turned over to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and to the State Government Comptroller and Transparency Secretariat, so that they determine the sanctions against who or who are responsible.

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In addition to these dependencies there will be complaints before the State Attorney General’s Office.

The authorities insisted that these accusations came from complaints from environmental organizations and animal defenders such as the Fundación Latidos de Vida Guerrero AC, Casa Hogar Manchitas and Maximino Organista Nieto.

Regarding these statements, the aforementioned former director of ZooChilpan, José Rubén Nava Noriega, denied that four pygmy goats have been cooked and consumed at the end of the year celebrationand denied the other accusations, showing documents about the alleged exchanges and other actions.

He announced that he will go before different instances to denounce violations of his rights, and present evidence to defend his position.

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