'We must end this ridiculous war and demand peace in Ukraine': Trump

The former president of the United States donald trump, who governed the country between 2017 and 2021, published this Wednesday a series of short videos in which calls for a military de-escalation in the war in Ukraine, after the invasion of Russia, and assures that this would never have occurred under his Presidency.

“If I were president (of the United States), the Russia-Ukraine war would never have happened (…) Not in a million years. But even now, if I were presidentI could negotiate the end of this horrible and rapidly escalating war in 24 hours.” Trump said in a video.

the former republican president called for an immediate reduction of tensions and the establishment of peace in Ukraine, at the same time that he charged President Joe Biden, for doing, he noted, “what he said ten months ago would cause World War III: sending American tanks to Ukraine.”

“Biden’s weakness and incompetence They have brought us to the brink of nuclear war.”he added.

Trump’s remarks come at a time when sanctions on Russia are not having an effect and its foreign trade is almost at pre-war levels in Ukrainefor the support of its neighboring countries, as published on Tuesday by the newspaper The New York Times (NYT).

On the other hand, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, will participate in the G20 foreign ministers meeting in New Delhi (India) in March, shortly after the Russian military campaign in Ukraine turns one year old.

In one of the videos, Trump maintains that, “when I am president”, the United States will once again be a “strong” country, because “they no longer respect us. Many respected us agos years and a half”, in reference to when he was still the tenant of the Oval Office.

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“We must end this ridiculous war and demand peace in Ukraine now, before it gets worse,” he insisted.

The former president, who usually resides in his mansion in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, He has already started his electoral campaign with a view to obtaining the Republican nomination and opt for the White House in the 2024 elections.


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