They steal and sell data from the Credit Bureau

The Credit Bureau announced that information of people that coincides with its databases is for sale on the Internet, which would have been obtained from “improper manner”

The data is offered on social networks and is the same as what the company managed in 2016.

Said information contains information about people and their credit history from almost seven years ago and a large part of it had already been eliminated from the current database of Buró de Crédito in accordance with what is ordered by the law that regulates us.

According to the company, people do not need to do any special procedures or reviews with their banks or credit institutions.

The Credit Bureau assured that “the current database is protected and unaltered.”

However, two free services were enabled to have more control over the Credit Report: Alert me and Block, which can be accessed from your official websitewhere you have to fill out a form.

What is the Credit Bureau?

It is a company that prepares reports on the credit history of individuals or companies.

It includes information related to the payment behavior of mortgage or automobile loans, credit card accounts or basic services such as electricity or water, among others.

The information in the Credit Bureau is confidential and is shared with affiliated financial entities that request it, says a BBVA report.

People can get a free report once a year, know who consults it and check that your information is correct and up-to-date.

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