Ambassador Gómez-Robledo nominated for judge of the International Court of Justice

Juan Manuel Gomez-RobledoPermanent Deputy Ambassador of Mexico to the United Nations (UN), was nominated as a candidate for Judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the period 2024-2033.

In a message on Twitter, Gómez-Robledo thanked the trust and support of the Government of Mexico and that of the Mexican National Group in the CPA.

“I endorse my commitment to continue working by international law“, wrote.

In October 2021, the Government of Mexico through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its support to the ambassador Juan Manuel Gómez-Robledo for his candidacy for the ICJ.

“His brilliant career as an international jurist makes him the ideal candidate to occupy this high responsibility.

The International Court of Justice is the main judicial organ of the United Nations Organization. It has its headquarters in the Peace Palace in The Hague in the Netherlands and is in charge of deciding legal disputes between States.

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Gómez Robledo has been a career member of the Mexican Foreign Service since 1988 and is also a member of the International Law Commission.

Is Doctor in Law from UNAMwith a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees from the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Paris X (Nanterre) and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), respectively.

In 2016, he was appointed ambassador of Mexico to the French Republic. He has also been concurrent before the Principality of Monaco, and Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights.

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