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A security camera captured the exact moment of the explosion of an LP gas pipe at a gas station on the Tula-Tlahuelilpan highway, which left a balance of two dead and at least four injured, as well as a dozen burnt-out cars.

In the 51-second video, a white cloud – presumably of gas – can be seen while several vehicles travel along the perpendicular street to the one in which the camera is placed, whose traffic light is red.

At that moment, a first explosion of the gas cloud occurs, followed by a second, which it spreads to the gas station facilities and causes a large fire.

The head of Public Security of the entity, Salvador Cruz Neri, confirmed the number of victims and injured, in addition to the fact that the incident left a convenience store completely destroyed.

For his part, Julio Menchaca, governor of the state of Hidalgo, lamented the accident. “I regret the sensitive losses of the people of Hidalgo in the accident that occurred this morning in the town of Iturbe, in Tula de Allende,” he said in his Twitter account. Twitter.

The official indicated that, from the moment of the events, he instructed officials of the Secretariat of Public Security to “provide care and the necessary support to the affected families”.

Photo: EFE

The State Department of Public Security reported that the fire occurred around 8 in the morningafter a pipe carrying hydrocarbon caused the explosion that spread throughout the gas station, and stated that the event “was caused by human error.”

While Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) assured that the pipe involved belongs to a private company and at that time “he was loading fuel at a station in this area.”

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Social network users shared several videos of the minutes after the explosion, in which you can see the dimensions of the accident.

these facts Remember the accident on January 18, 2019in the municipality of Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo, which captured international attention due to the explosion in a Pemex oil pipeline, which left 137 dead and dozens injured.

(With information from EFE and Aristegui News)

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