'Con R de Reality', the posthumous novel by Luis Zapata (Editorial preview)

Ramón Villafuerte is a successful television producer, Felipe’s partner and a declared fan of plastic surgeries and desserts, but, above all, he is the creative mind of the program that, he is sure, will change the history of the small screen: the reality show die and win where all the contestants are terminally ill and the one who dies first will get a juicy prize. “Sign up if you have one foot in the afterlife and give a nice memory to those who stay”, is the unusual slogan that convinces eight characters, who meet at the house of die and win and to whom the cameras will observe until their last breath.

Written with biting humor and fast-paced language, With R for Reality (Random House Literature) goes beyond the irreverent anecdote to delve deeply into death. Written by Luis Zapata (1951-2020), author The Vampire of Colonia Romathis posthumous novel reconfirms the outstanding and deserved place that the narrator from Guerrero has within Mexican letters.


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