Relatives and LGBT+ groups march for the transfemicide of Dani Millán

Dozens of people demonstrated in the streets of Mexico City to demand justice for the transfemicide of Dani Millán, a transgender woman murdered on January 19.

Led by members of LGBT+ collectives, the protesters carried banners demanding justice for the young woman and made signs reading “Justice for Dani Millán” and Mexico transfemicide”.

The dissatisfied blocked roads, which collapsed vehicular traffic in the area for a few minutes.

Dani was found dead on January 20 at the GAM

According to the first investigations, the 35-year-old woman disappeared on January 19 when she went out to have fun after work, for which her family reported her missing.

Dani was found on January 20 lifeless in the streets of the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office.

According to media reports, the body of Dani had serious bruises, a blow to the head and had lost quite a bit of blood.

No one has been arrested for transfemicide

Relatives of the young woman assured that until now no one responsible has been arrested for the death of the woman and for this reason they asked the authorities not to allow the case to go unpunished.

According to the organization Letra Ese, every month they register in Mexico six hate killings against LGBT people.

Mexico, the second Latin American country with the most violence due to homophobia and transphobia

Mexico is the second country in Latin America with the most violence due to homophobia and transphobia, after Brazil, according to the National Observatory of LGBT Hate Crimes of the Rainbow Foundation.

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In addition, according to the data available to Letra Ese, there were 70 hate homicides in 2021. (EFE)

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