Nominees and nominees for the Goya 2023 for best supporting actor and actress

Even in editions like the one at hand, in which the Goyas for Best Supporting Actor and Actress seem so oriented towards a certain victory for, respectively, Luis Zahera for ‘As bestas’ and Susi Sánchez for ‘Cinco lobitos’, we are talking about a category accustomed to surprise. And that, considering how boring predictable paths are, is always good news.

Goya 2023: Analysis of best supporting actor and actress

1 Diego Anido – ‘As bestas’
Diego Anido - 'As bestas'

Among the multiple virtues that we can find in ‘As bestas’, it is clear that the cast shines with a special light. And we are talking, of course, both about the main characters and about a collection of secondary characters who become, in more than a few moments, the real stars of the show. In that sense, it is essential to cite the tremendous work of a Diego Anido who does not need to say a single word to freeze our blood. A masterful interpretation measured to the millimeter that would be more than a clear favorite to take home the Goya if he did not have to compete against…

As bestas in eCartelera

2 Luis Zahera – ‘As bestas’
Luis Zahera - 'As bestas'

…Luis Zahera. Little more can be added to the highly justified praise (and awards) that the Galician interpreter has been collecting since the premiere of ‘As bestas’. Yours is simply one of the most impressive, overwhelming, memorable and shocking works in the history of recent Spanish cinema. The Goya is yours. And the doubt offends.

As bestas in eCartelera

3 Ramón Barea – ‘Five little wolves’
Ramón Barea - 'Five little wolves'

Any situation in whichand Ramon Barea have the opportunity to win an award is already a reason for happiness and justice. An actor that one is always grateful to be on the screen, a major talent capable of elevating any story to which his presence contributes, Barea reaches these Goyas thanks to ‘Cinco little wolves’, a beautiful film by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa where he gives us another fantastic performance that add to its dazzling catalogue. His chances of winning are practically nil because all roads lead to Zahera, but it is a great joy to see him again among the nominees.

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4 Fernando Tejero – ‘Model 77’
Fernando Tejero - 'Model 77'

Although many people were surprised when his nomination was announced, the truth is that Fernando Tejero’s work in the extremely notable ‘Modelo 77’ deserves to be highlighted. Secondary to the manual in what has to do with the time he appears on the screen and the leading role in the story, the character of the Andalusian actor is one of those interpretative gifts that, if used, shines with a special light. And this is one of those examples. Beyond the polemics and empty debates, Tejero’s talent remains.

Model 77 at eCartelera

5 Jesus Carroza – ‘Model 77’
Jesus Carroza - 'Model 77'

Jesús Carroza is one of those actors who are always good. No matter the role, the weight it has in the story, the genre in which the film takes place or the level of demand it entails, the Sevillian interpreter will be up to the task from the first minute to the last. Of course, ‘Model 77’ is no exception. In fact, we may be facing one of the most complete and emotional works of the actor thanks to one of those characters that mark in a special way to the public despite not having much screen time. However, every minute of Carroza in Alberto Rodríguez’s film is simply a gift. Nomination more than deserved.

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6 Marie Colomb – ‘As bestas’
Marie Colomb - 'As bestas'

In a category so accustomed to surprises, Marie Colomb’s chances of winning the Goya for Best Supporting Actress should not be diminished thanks to her outstanding work in ‘As bestas’. His is a character that grows in the final stretch of the film in a way that is as natural and organic as it is devastating on an emotional level. And that merit, in addition to the extraordinary script, lies in the talent of an interpreter who makes the most of each and every one of her scenes.

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As bestas in eCartelera

7 Carmen Machi – ‘Pig’
Carmen Machi - 'Pig'

The Machi. Big words. If one more proof was missing that we are dealing with an off-road actress, well, ‘Cerdita’ has dispelled any (incomprehensible) doubt. And it is that, indeed, in the thriller and terror of the fantastic film by Carlota Pereda It also highlights the immense talent of one of the best actresses in our country.. One of those presences that justify the price of a ticket. Nth recital by Carmen Machi. And they go…

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8 Susi Sánchez – ‘Five little wolves’
Susi Sánchez - 'Five little wolves'

The thing about Susi Sánchez in ‘Cinco lobitos’ is a real outrage. Delicacy, charisma, presence, sensitivity, tenderness, pain, outburst, containment… a master acting lesson served on a platter of full inspiration by an actress beyond praise. A priori, we are facing the great favorite to take the Goya home. And the truth is that she would not admit any kind of discussion.

Five little wolves at eCartelera

9 Penelope Cruz – ‘On the Margins’
Penelope Cruz - 'On the Margins'

Penélope Cruz abandons any type of star aura and throws herself into the mire with an excellent performance in ‘En los márgenes’, the directorial debut of a Juan Diego Botto who finds in her the dream accomplice. And it is that, although in a proposal of crossed stories she always costs more to shine above the rest because of what she has as an especially isolated exercise, Cruz’s work is unquestionable both from the deafening silence and from the quiet scream. An interpretation at its height, that is, of the exact dimensions of a giant.

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10 Angela Cervantes – ‘The Maternal’
Angela Cervantes - 'The Maternal'

Each of the scenes that Ángela Cervantes and Carla Quílez share on screen in the magnificent ‘La maternal’ deserves to be highlighted as part of the best moments that the unforgettable 2022 of Spanish cinema has given us. Having said this, and focusing on the first of them, We are facing an interpretation that gives off the coveted aroma of truth, completely moving away from any type of tear-jerking artifice or melodramatic excess.. Cervantes, who had already won us over in ‘Chavalas’, confirms that we are dealing with an actress with a tremendous present and future.

The maternal in eCartelera

In this sense, and devoutly applauding the works of Zahera and Sánchez, it is a joy to find two categories full of fantastic interpretations beyond the favourites. And even better it turns out to verify that they come from films equally memorable in the rest of its sections. A real enjoyment.

Ten performances that we review in a special that, above all, serves to exemplify for the umpteenth time the enormous 2022 that a Spanish cinema has had, which, in the last twelve months, has added a truly overwhelming number of classics. Big films that, when it comes to achieving excellence, have relied, among other things, on such magnificent works such as those discussed here.

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