Adame says he was attacked by forklifts and shows the scar from his last fight

The actor Alfredo Adame said that the last fight that went viral with a video on social networks cost him a wound that required two stitches.

Upon arriving at the Mexico City International Airport, the television presenter also stated that it was a traffic disturbance.

According to his version, a driver claimed a crash for which he was not responsible. For the damage they asked him for up to 10,000 pesos, which he did not agree to pay.

He affirmed that they were forklifts, referring to gangs dedicated to extorting motorists.

He said he was in a hurry, so Max agreed to give him a thousand pesos, but the subject did not accept and took out a cane to hit him on the forehead.

The actor said he went to his car for a defense baton and returned to defend himself.

I grabbed the cane, he threw another cane at me again, I parried it and kicked him and hit him four times with the cane.

According to the actor, this maneuver allowed him to win the fight, until he was subdued by another subject.

He also said that he hit the door when he got into his car, so he fears that the cut was caused by himself.

In an interview with reporters, he gave his version and showed the wound, already in the process of healing: (Photos: Edgar Negrete Lira / Cuartoscuro).

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