Adán Augusto approves polls of Morena for presidential candidacy

The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, said that he trusts the polls as a selection method for his party, Morena, to define the presidential candidacy.

However, he stated that it will be until October when he will make his electoral aspirations known.

“Well, you have to ask Adán Augusto about that later, around October. That is the method that Morena militants decided; Of course we accept it and we trust it”.

Interviewed by local media in Querétaro after the commemoration for the anniversary of the Constitution, the federal government official spoke about the electoral processes taking place in Coahuila and the State of Mexico in 2023.

“Now, in general terms, there is governance in the country; There will be two ordinary electoral processes, the election for governor in the State of Mexico and in Coahuila. And an extraordinary now in February that is the election of senator in Tamaulipas”.

On this, he pointed out that they will carry out with the entities reinforcing security through the support of the National Guard, but he assured that there will be no government intervention in the processes and they will be respectful of citizen participation.

Hernández López confirmed that he will continue his tours through different states of the country to communicate and link the government of Mexico with the federal entities.

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