Of course spy balloon, Canada summons Chinese ambassador

The Colombian air force confirmed that an alleged balloon flew over its airspace on Friday, however, it did not specify if it was a Chinese espionage device after the Pentagon assured that a similar object had been detected over Latin American skies.

Saturday, american fighter jets shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon as it floated off the coast of South Carolina, ending a dramatic saga that highlighted worsening relations between the two world powers.

“On February 3, 2023 in the morning, the System of Air defense Nacional detected an object above 16,764 meters, which entered Colombian airspace in the northern sector of the country (with) characteristics similar to those of a balloon,” the Colombian air force said in a statement Saturday night.

The military They added that they tracked the object until it left the airspace. Colombian since “it did not represent a threat to national security and defense, as well as air safety.”

In recent days, a balloon has been seen flying over Venezuela and Costa Ricaaccording to user reports on social networks.

China lamented that a “blimp” used for civilian meteorological purposes and other scientific purposes had entered US airspace and accused US politicians and media of taking advantage of the situation to discredit the Asian nation.

In Caracas, the government of President Nicolas Maduroan ally of Beijing, rejected the action of the United States “against an unmanned ship of Chinese origin of a civilian nature that had shown a technical fault and that did not represent any military threat.”

“Once again, the United States resorts to the use of force, instead of treating this situation with the seriousness and responsibility that the case deserves,” he added. Venezuela in a statement from his Foreign Ministry.

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