Cabotage will not displace workers: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reiterated that airline workers will not be displaced if the reform on the cabotage aerial.

“The workers will always be taken care of. They are not going to have any problems, nor are they going to be displaced, nor are they going to have fewer job opportunities, ”he declared this Monday during the morning press conference at the National Palace.

This after the aviation community warned that the initiative could harm Mexican aviation, since it would allow the opening of Mexican airspace for foreign airlines and that they can operate from anywhere in the world at Mexico using the local business routes.

“We are looking for balances and that the measures taken are for the benefit of users, consumers and workers,” AMLO reiterated during the morning.

The president stressed that it will be observed that do not increase pricessince he stated that “it is abused” by airlines since in some places “only one line flies to a certain place”, for which “they charge a lot”.

“If it is not necessary, the spaces are freed up so that aviation companies from abroad can pick up tickets and make trips because this it will produce competition and it will lower prices“, he claimed.

He also argued that the creation of the new airline Mexicana de Aviación will help reduce flight prices.

On the last day of the legislative period of this 2022, López Obrador presented an initiative to reform the Aviation Law that would allow the opening of Mexican airspace for foreign airlines and that they can operate from anywhere in the world to Mexico using the routes of the companies local. In addition, it incorporates the allocation figure, which would facilitate the operation of an official airline.

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The proposal caused a stir among the aviation community, which disapproved and expressed its discontent with the proposal, since they affirmed that it is a practice that they called cabotage, which is prohibited in several countries of the world because it can affect competition for national aviation. ..

On February 1, the National Union of Workers (UNT) called for a march against the initiative, in which the pilots of the Aviation Pilots Union Association (ASPA).

In contrast, López Obrador has argued on several occasions that the legislation seeks to reduce the cost of tickets, given the high prices of national airlines.

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