Instagram analyzes a subscription plan that includes the blue badge

Instagram is considering introducing a subscription to its platform that will include the blue verified account badge, presumably following Twitter’s lead.

instagram began testing subscriptions a year ago, with three options depending on the type of exclusive content that the creator wants to offer his followers: live videos, stories that allow interaction with ‘stikers’, or ‘badges’ to identify to the subscribers in the comments of the ‘feed’.

The developer and expert in reverse engineering Alessandro Paluzzi has now identified in the application code of the social network “small references” to a subscription plan that would include the blue badge, as he has shared on his Twitter account.

This movement is reminiscent of the subscription Twitter Bluewhich among the additional functions it offers compared to the standard version, includes the blue badge that verifies a user’s account.

In December of last year, Instagram presented new functions, among which ‘Sincere Stories’ stand out, which is based on the app BeReal‘Notes’ which allows you to add a text status update, and ‘Group Profiles’, allowing multiple users to create shared profiles with multiple collaborators.

The social network explained that these are new updates in testing, which are focused on helping users “feel closer to the people they care about” and connect with friends as “a central part of the Instagram experience”, as stated in the official blog.

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