Renault will once again manufacture cars in Mexico at Nissan facilities

Renault will again manufacture cars in Mexico for the first time in 20 years, specifically a new model that will be assembled in the facilities of its partner Nissan, which for its part will intensify the production of vans in the Argentine factory of Renault in Córdoba.

These announcements presented today in a press release by the manufacturers are part of the new restructuring agreement of the alliance formed by Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, which include four projects in Latin America.

The first is the development of a new van that Renault has designed and that it will be developed jointly with Nissan in Argentina.

In addition, the two groups are going to continue there the collaboration that they already maintain in their respective families of trucks, with Nissan’s Frontier and Renault’s Alaskan. Both are going to take place at the facilities of the diamond group in Córdoba.

Photo: Reuters

The partners did not want to advance, in any case, what type of vehicle will it be which will serve for the return of the production activity of Renault in Mexico.

The two groups will also market in Latin America two electric vehicles jointly developed on the basis of the CMF-AEV platform for segment A, that of small urban models.

The new alliance agreement, which establishes a parity in cross-shareholdings between Renault and Nissan, At a height of 15%, which must remain unchanged for at least the next 15 years, it intends to put an end to years of susceptibilities to allow the development of multiple common partnerships.

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