Ricardo Anaya reappears at a public event in the United States

Former presidential candidate Ricardo Anayareappeared at a public event of the National Action Party (PAN) in the United States accompanying the national leader of the Party Marko Cortés, as well as other PAN members seeking to establish ties with the migrant community.

Anaya has lived in the US city of AtlantaGeorgia, since 2021, when he announced that he would leave Mexico for what he considered a “persecution” of the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for his alleged participation in a network of alleged bribes received to approve the energetic reform when he was a federal representative.

Although the politician baker posts in video message each week, this is the first time he has been seen participating in a public political event since leaving his country.

On Sunday, Cortés announced that he will carry out a work tour of the American union, to inaugurate the first “Blue Committee for Migrant Action”, starting in the city of Dallas, Texas.

In a statement, he explained that they seek to achieve “an institutional link between the first opposition force in Mexico with the mexican migrant communityseeking to exchange visions and take joint actions on the main challenges we face in our country and in the United States”.

The PAN members will also hold meetings with representatives of various migrant organizations, businessmen and various leaders “to promote dialogue and the exchange of experiences, in order to build a network of reflection and action that seeks to support the migrant and their families who continue to live in Mexico.”

In addition to Anaya, Cortés will be accompanied in his meetings by the first migrant deputy from Mexico City, Raúl Torres Guerrero, by Senator Gina Cruz President of the Mexico North America Commission and by the president of the National Coordination of State Assistance Offices to Migrants, Juan Hernández.

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Cortés pointed out that, unlike what President López Obrador does, “National Action does not intend to endorse the achievements of our migrants, but it does thank and recognize them, because a very good part of the Economy of mexico today it is on their shoulders, facing the highest inflation in the last 22 years, since without those resources that they send to their families, today our country would be in a very serious economic crisis”.

“The remittances They are already the second entry of foreign currency into Mexico, only below the sale of cars, that is, more money enters through remittances than through oil and tourism, representing a failure for the government because more remittances leads to more dependency and greater weakness in capacity. production of the country,” he stressed.


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