Yes, there is a rape complaint against Pablo Montero, but no arrest warrant: Prosecutor's Office

The State Attorney General’s Office reported that singer Pablo Montero is accused of rape against a young woman named Ximena (N), events allegedly occurred in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas.

According to the agency’s statement, the Coastal Border District Prosecutor’s Office, where the city of Tapachula is located, received a complaint against Óscar Antonio “N” (singer known as “Pablo Montero”), for his alleged responsibility for the crime. of Rape, last Friday, January 7 of this year.

However, the FGE Chiapas denied that there is an arrest warrant and/or request for collaboration from Interpol for the location and/or presentation against Óscar Antonio “N”, a singer, known as “Pablo Montero”.

Regarding the event, it is known that the singer went to the municipality of Huehuetán, located just 30 kilometers from the city of Tapachula, to participate in the artistic billboard of the Esquipulas Fair.

From there, according to publications on social networks, the singer went to have fun at a nightclub in Tapachula called Love Social Club.

According to the complaint, the woman who accuses him said she was invited by him to accompany him to the nightclub, and after spending a few hours there, she suffered sexual abuse.

The Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office acknowledges in its statement that although the complaint was filed with the Prosecutor of the Public Ministry for Sexual Crimes of Tapachula, the investigation process is still ongoing, but it has not integrated the Investigation folder, which in its case would lead to an arrest warrant.

This despite the fact that more than a month has passed since the events.

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“However, after presenting the complaint to the Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of Sexual Crimes of Tapachula, the investigation process continuesin order to continue with the integration of the Investigation folder,” the statement said.

The Prosecutor’s Office even highlights in the headline of the statement that there is no arrest warrant for these events. “FGE denies that there is an arrest warrant or warrant for location and/or presentation against Pablo Montero (…) as it has been erroneously disseminated in some media, ”insists the agency.

He does not give any further reports on the progress of the proceedings. The facts were made known this morning by the publication of an entertainment magazine, after which the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office reacted to the news.

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