60 organizations call for a march against AMLO's 'Plan B'

More than 60 Mexican civil organizations called this Tuesday for a second march on February 26 to reject the electoral reform of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which is being discussed in Congress and which they consider will be the “most contested in history”.

“We want this to be the most contested norm in history to send a clear message to the three powers of the Union, but above all to the Judiciary, that the citizens are willing to fight in defense of democracy from all the trenches,” they said in a statement.

The concentration, named #MiVotoNoSeTocawill focus on the so-called “Plan B” promoted by López Obrador after his constitutional reform failed last December.

The new legal reform is intended to save 3,500 million pesos in the National Electoral Institute (INE), eliminate powers to sanction parties and officials, as well as disappear the quick count that occurs immediately after an election in Mexico.

According to organizations like National Civic FrontCitizen Power, Yes for Mexico, Mexico Civil Society, Unite and United for Mexico, the changes are unconstitutional because they violate rights related to free voting in authentic and democratic elections, as well as autonomy INE.

In addition, they pointed out that the next presidential election June 2024 due to the reduction of personnel, the electoral roll and the identification credentials to vote, the certainty of the results of an election and, above all, that it dismantles the INE by reducing its professional staff by 84.6%.

The main concentration will be on the Mexico City Zocaloin front of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), but it is expected that the march will be replicated in at least 35 cities.

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According to the call, they can add all “those people, organizations and political forces that are in defense of democracy and against the ‘plan B’but the protagonists, like last November 13, are the citizens”.

This in reference to the March that the same organizations convened on that date against the constitutional reform, which resulted in one of the largest mobilizations against an initiative by López Obrador.

Before the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), the leadership of the Mexican private sector, asked legislators to reach a consensus regarding the so-called “Plan B”.

Previously, the president of the INE himself, Lorenzo Cordovaalso called on citizens to defend democracy and the integrity of the autonomous body that organizes the elections in Mexico.


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