Alien from 'A Quiet Place'

‘A Quiet Place: Day 1’ gets underway so it can be ready on March 8, 2024date on which Paramount anticipates the theatrical release of the third part of the franchise that began in 2018.

We have learned the news of the start of filming thanks to John Krasinski. Whoever was the director of the first two of the saga remains as producer in this prequel, where hands over the baton to Michael Sarnoski (‘Pig’), who is in charge this time of the production. Krasinski, clapperboard in hand, shared three photos through his Twitter profile with a first look at the set where the filming will take place in the coming weeks.

* Mandatory day one clapperboard photo… This time with a twist! So grateful to be here, on day one of ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ with maestro Michael Sarnoski and the legendary Lupita Nyongo. Can’t wait to see the magic that will be created in this film!

Krasinski’s images show everyday scenes within a shoot: the first is him with the clapperboard, the second shows the new director giving directions to Lupita Nyong’o and another of the participants, and the last one shows the 2014 Oscar winner again with part of the team being directed by Sarnoski.

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The saga, which has developed at a frenetic pace, is now reversing its own steps. ‘A Quiet Place: Day One’ will be the prequel that will tell about the arrival of the terrifying aliens on Earth. As different stories that they are, they also deserve independent interpreters. Nyong’o had not been part of the silent saga until now, she is joined by Alex Wolff (‘Hereditary’) and the British Joseph Quinn (‘Stranger Things’).

Will we see Krasinski in command of the saga again?

We refer to the evidence to say that Krasinski is still very personally involved in the saga. However, this time only as a producer, along with other acquaintances from the terrifying franchise, Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Bradley Fuller.

Despite the fact that Krasinski is not in charge of this ‘Day One’, the actor, producer and director will continue in the franchise that he himself created, since the main story will continue in a third installment that is scheduled (initially) for 2025. Little is known about that project, beyond the fact that it will continue with the history of the Abbott family. For now It is unknown if Krasinski will return to the director’s chair to sign ‘Part III’ or if he will trust someone else to continue his vision..

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