After earthquakes, rescues continue in Turkey and Syria |  Videos

As a consequence of the succession of earthquakes registered this Monday in Turkeymore than 6 thousand dead people and almost 26,000 they have been injured in Turkey and Syria.

According to information from EFE, the earthquake with magnitude 7,7, with epicenter at Turkey has caused the collapse of at least 405 buildings only in the northeast area of Syriawhere the group of rescuers white helmets They carry out search and rescue work among the rubble.

On social networks, videos of people being rescued alive from the rubble have been broadcast. Among the victims who have survived hours under the ruins is a girl with her sister It was located by a rescuer. In the video, the little girl is heard asking the rescuer to save her and her sister “If she saves us, we will be her friends for life.”

The video of child who is rescued from the rubble. According to the account that posted the video, the child would have 3 years and wore 22 hours under the ruins of a building in the Turkish city of Malatya. In the video, which lasts only 19 seconds, rescuers are seen pulling the boy out and one of them giving him a kiss while she carries him to take him to the emergency teams.

Despite the fact that the victims that have been recorded have been humans, part of the beings that were damaged by recent events were also animals. A video has circulated on networks in which rescuers pull out of the rubble a cat that he was trapped.

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Finally, the Mexican government has sent a team of rescuers to Turkey. Among the elements are some puppies who will participate in the rescue tasks. “balam“, “Orly“, “July“, “timba” and “eckoThey are part of the team of the Mexican Red Cross of Puebla and Queretaroas well as the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) and the Secretary of the Navy (Semar)

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