Calderón denies a pact with criminals before García Luna's trial

Former President Felipe Calderón spoke for the first time about the trial that his Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna, is facing in the United States, and denied this Tuesday that during his administration he negotiated or agreed with criminals.

His message, broadcast through his official Twitter account, comes after Edgar Veytiaknown as “El Diablo”, claimed in a New York court that Calderón and García Luna were protecting drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and his Sinaloa cartel.

According to the testimony of the former prosecutor of the Mexican state of Nayarit, there was an order to protect the members of the drug cartel. shorty and not the Beltrán Leyva, who disputed the control of the transfer of drugs to the United States.

“I have reserved my opinion on the trial of Ing. García Luna until it is concluded. For now, I categorically deny the absurd statements reported by the press made today by the witness Veytia. What you say about me is an absolute lie. I never negotiated or agreed with criminals,” said the former Mexican president.

This is the first time that the former president Felipe Calderon gives a public message, after nine days of hearings in the Brooklyn court in which attempts have been made to reveal different operations through which García Luna allegedly allowed drug smuggling to the United States.

This was happening in the midst of the so-called “war against drug trafficking” that he was leading in the Calderón government.

The judgment against Genaro Garcia Luna began on January 23, three years after he was arrested in Dallas, Texas, and indicted on drug-related charges, including bribery from Chapo Guzmán, who faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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His first connection to organized crime was disclosed during the trial against El Chapo in the federal court for the Eastern District of New York.

Was Jesus “King” Zambadaimprisoned in the United States and brother of Ismael “el Mayo” Zambada, co-founder of the cartel along with Guzmán, who assured as a witness that he had given García Luna in 2005 and 2007 two wallets with 3 million dollars each, in exchange for protection for band activities.

According to the accusation, García Luna began his relationship with the dangerous cartel when he was running the Federal Investigation Agency of Mexico (created in 2001) and would have continued it from the secretariat of Public securitywhich controls the Federal Police, an argument that US prosecutors have tried to reinforce in the trial he is currently facing.

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