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On “The Tonight Show” Monday, Jimmy Fallon talked about a ton of topics (per usual), including the news about AMC Theaters’ new tiered pricing scheme. The late night host has an idea why so many people have a problem with it: It’s basically forcing moviegoers to shop like airline customers.

Earlier in the day, AMC Theaters announced a new pricing scheme that will charge different prices based on where a seat is located in a movie theater. Called “Sightline at AMC,” customers will be charged based on three different tiers — Standard, the majority of seats in the theater; Value, those seats closest to the screen; and Premium, the middle sections — during evening shows. You can read more here.

Fallon explained that the company is “charging different prices for tickets based on where you’re sitting in the theater,” which resulted in some groans and boos from the audience—and a grimace on Fallon’s face.

“I’m not sure about this,” he said. “I mean it’s rough when you’re in boarding group D for ‘Puss in Boots,’ you know?

He’s not alone — the pricing system was widely criticized, including by actual famous people Like Elijah Wood.

Fallon talked about a lot of other things too—the Chinese spy balloon being shot down, the Super Bowl, and more.

AMC Theaters Will Charge Moviegoers More for Most Popular Seats

You can watch the entire “Tonight Show” monologue in the video above.


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