He goes back to his ex-wife;  she believes that this will save her from a serious illness

a man in China He decided to remarry his former wife, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease, in the hope that he could save her based on “love and commitment.”

The story of this couple went viral on the social networks of the Asian giant when a video of both going to a marriage registry office was shared.

The couple requested the registration of their second matrimony a day before the woman was admitted to the intensive care unit of a local hospital to receive treatment to deal with the aplastic anemia she suffers from, according to the Hong Kong newspaper. South China Morning Post.

Photo: Pixabay

The man of Shanghai (Este), whose identity has not been revealed, declared that he had decided to remarry his ex-wife, from whom he had divorced three years earlier, after she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia two weeks ago.

“Other couples celebrate their marriage with flowers and wine, but our reality is to break down in tears and run to the hospital to receive life-saving treatment,” the husband told SinaNews.

The man also confessed that they had divorced on impulse, although they still lived under the same roof and finally remained a couple, but they decided to re-arrange the marriage to overcome the disease together “with love and commitment”.

The story was made immediately viral in China, becoming a trend on different social platforms.

“A true love come true. How wonderful!” One user described the story, amid comments that wished for a “happy ending” for the couple.


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