Lozoya wins amparo to review the Odebrecht investigation folder

On January 31, the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya Austin, obtained an injunction to access the investigation folder of the Odebrecht case and prepare his defense.

A judge of the First District Court in Criminal Matters, based in Mexico City, resolved through agreement 983/2022 that the Agent of the Public Ministry must deliver the documentation to Lozoya.

The investigation folder that Lozoya Austin seeks to know has the folio FED/SEIDF/CGI-CDMX/0000117/2017. In it, he is pointed out for the alleged crimes of criminal association, bribery and operations with resources of illegal origin.

He is accused of receiving – along with other authorities – bribes from the Brazilian company Odebrecht to participate in contracts with the Mexican government and direct the Energy Reform.

Regarding this amparo, the FGR assured that Lozoya’s lawyer, Alejandro Rojas, gave up on knowing this file in 2020, but the judge pointed out that the request was dated 2022, which was answered negatively on June 21 of that year.

He warned that the Law does not limit people involved in investigations in the number of times they can access the investigation folders, nor the number of copies that must be delivered.

“The regulation does not limit the number of times the same copies can be obtained, therefore, in this case, the person in charge also unjustifiably implements a condition that is absent in the regulation, that is, that only copies of the investigation can be obtained. on one occasion”.

With this argument, the amparo was resolved in favor of the former director of Pemex.

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“Therefore, it is appropriate to grant the amparo and protection of the Federal Justice to Emilio Lozoya so that Kristian Javier Jiménez Hernández (the agent of the Federal Public Ministry who denied the copies) annuls the determination of June 21, 2022.”

The next March 10 will be the judicial hearing in which the accused will seek to access agreements to repair the damage, and can take the case free.


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