'Luke Skywalker' to auction Star Wars posters to help Ukraine

American actor Mark Hamill, who gave life to the iconic Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” saga, will hold an auction of signed movie posters to help the Ukrainian military acquire and maintain their drones.

“We decided to sign Star Wars posters, a limited amount,” Mark Hamill told the magazine.Political” confirming this initiative.

The actor, very active on social networks, pointed out that this sale is intended, above all, for “true hardcore collectors, especially those who have disposable income.”

These buyers could even make this purchase profitable, the proceeds of which will go to help Ukraine defend itself against the invasion who suffers from Russia since a year ago.

It has not yet been defined exactly how the items will go on sale. postersbut the idea is that “thousands of people participate (in a kind of auction to acquire them),” Hamill told the US media.

The sale of posters is expected to begin in a few days and to occur before the first anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine, on February 24.

The most famous movie Jedi warrior, 71, revealed that he has not sold autographed items since 2017, when “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was released.

“It’s just not something I do” on a regular basis, he said, adding that he’s happy to do it this time to support Ukrainewhose ongoing fight against Russia it is “anything but inspiring”.

Hamill added that something he learned from the worlds of “Star Wars” is to do “the right thing for the good of all, instead of focusing on self-interest”, and he specified that this conflictive intergalactic world cannot be compared with “the true horrors that humans face. ukrainians”.

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“One is really a children’s fairy tale, originally that was Star Wars. And the reality, the stark reality of what is happening in Ukraine, is heartbreaking,” she said.

The money from the sale of the posters will go to the Ukrainian state fundraising platform United24.

According to PoliticalHamill became an ambassador for the project “Drone Army” from that platform last September, after the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskypersonally asked him to join the fight against “the empire of evil”, as he called Russia.


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