Manuel Clouthier and the PAN meet again around 2024

Manuel Clouthier Carrillo and the PAN have met again.

The history between the Sinaloan politician and the party is long, and includes his resignation from the PAN in 1993 and his integration into the blue and white bench in 2009, to later explore the independent path. And on this day, the national president of the party, Marko Cortés, announced that Clouthier joins a commission to build a legislative and government program by 2024.

The last name Clouthier weighs in Mexican politics. In 1988, Manuel J. Clouthier, known as ‘Maquío’ and family patriarch, was the PAN’s presidential candidate. And a year later he died in a suspicious car accident on the highway to Mazatlán. His children Manuel, Tatiana and Rebeca have followed in his footsteps in politics with different results.

Through a tweet, Marko Cortés announced that Manuel Clouthier had agreed to join a Commission to create a government program towards the 2024 presidential elections.

Aristegui News contacted Manuel Clouthier to ask him about the scope of his integration into the commission. He, through WhatsApp messages, was emphatic in saying that it is not a return to PAN militancy or an approach.

Marko’s announcement is not a return to militancy announcement! It’s just that I agreed to join a commission that will prepare a 2024-2030 government program, and it is intended to be done with the Rafael Preciado Foundation, and with academics and specialists and with civil society.

The politician was a member of the PAN between 1985 and 1993.

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It is not an approach, it is a specific invitation that I accepted and I promised that together with Julio Castillo we would work to get closer to civil society to develop a legislative and government agenda. Marko (Cortés) asked me to help him develop the government program.

Clouthier pointed out that he has been insistent on the importance that the alliance should not be exclusively electoral “but that it should tell us what the alliance parties do agree on,” he explained.

Manuel Clouthier tried to be an independent candidate for Sinaloa in 2018, however he was defeated by the candidate from Morena. In October 2022, her sister, Tatiana Clouthier, resigned from the position of Secretary of Economy (SE) after having been a federal deputy for Morena and coordinator of the López Obrador presidential campaign, however she has never been a member of said party .

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