Mexico is vulnerable to the effects of climate change

The forestlocated in the municipality of Centla in Tabasco is, according to Pablo Ramírez, Coordinator of energy and climate change programs at greenpeacean “iconic” case in Mexico, as it visibly shows the effects of climate change in the country.

The Forest has been disappearing in the last 15 years, leaving houses and streets buried under the sea. “We are one of the first towns in Mexico to lose everything to climate change,” they denounced through a statement that women from the affected community read at a press conference.

In November 2022, the residents pointed out that they have lost at least 20 houses and two entire streets are now buried under the sea. Likewise, it was reported that the school dining room and a hall have been lost, along with a line of pine trees that gave the community its name.

An extremely important issue is the forced internal displacement because of climate change. El Bosque was one of the first communities in Mexico to have to relocate due to rising sea levels. According to projections, in 2050 there could be more than 3 million internally displaced persons in Mexico due to phenomena related to climate change.

In addition, Tabasco will not be the only case in which the effects of climate change become visible and harsh, but more and more frequently entire communities will be affected by climate change.

Source: NASA

The POT created a sea level projection program in 100 years, where you can see the different points at which the sea level will rise in the world. In Mexico, it is projected that the most affected beach will be Acapulco, Guerrero, with an increase of 1.16 m. Other affected beaches will be Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche, Progreso in Yucatán, Manzanillo in Colima, among others.

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This projection was created in order to show the changes in sea level in an easy and visible way “for anyone who has an interest in planning the changes to come.”

Nadya Vinogradova Shiffer, director of NASA’s Sea Level Rise Program, said: “This information is critical to increasing the climate resilience of nations with large coastal populations, infrastructure, and economies that will be affected by rising sea levels. sea ​​level”.

In this sense, Pablo Ramírez points out that “public policy mechanisms must be developed to deal with this problem.” The specialist said in Live Aristegui“we need to put the budget where it is required to be able to activate the programs and generate the necessary aid for the populations that already require it.”

However, he points out that, above all, emphasis must be placed on efforts not being made in isolation, since Mexico is a country that is very vulnerable to climate change and the country is not prepared at this time to deal with it.

He also mentioned that there must be a consistency between public policy and where the money is being invested, because as we can see in Tabasco megaprojects are being carried out in which millions are invested, while the relocation programs for people due to climate change They don’t have a budget.

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