Ashton Kutcher, Reese Witherspoon and Jesse Williams during the promotion of 'Your House or Mine'

Debbie and Peter met as a one-night stand, but since then they have built a friendship that they still maintain after two decades. When Debbie, a single mom who is tremendously focused on being “hands-on,” discovers that she really needs a break, Peter offers her his house to unwind for a few days. The plan is for him to fly to Los Angeles to stay with her and take care of their daughter, while she enjoys the ideal New York bachelor pad.. What starts as ‘The Holiday (Vacations)’ but without the Christmas touch, ends with both considering whether the time has come to give themselves a chance as a couple.

This is ‘Your house or mine’, a new romantic proposal that Netflix launches this February 10, a film written and directed by the screenwriter of ’27 Dresses’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Aline Brosh McKenna, and starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon. Hence these two Hollywood stars have been a couple of weeks tirelessly posing together on red carpets. The intense promotion of the film in which they share the leading role has led them to lead numerous very funny snapshots for certain tweeters. From the first moment those awkward poses made their way onto social media, numerous fans have launched to highlight the lack of chemistry that both show, something especially striking considering that what they promote is a romantic film.

“Actors who play romantic roles should go to Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain promo school. because… what is this?, said a user of the aforementioned social network, causing other twitter users to remember much more accurate promotions. From the clip in character made by Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley promoting ‘The Bridgertons’, to said fiery moment shared by Isaac and Chastain thanks to ‘Secrets of a marriage’going through the palpable connection between Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch after ‘How to get rid of your boss’; the examples of the most successful publicity tours as far as carpet images are concerned do not stop multiplying.

So much so that Mila Kunis herself has ended up speaking out. Witherspoon reveals it during her visit to the American morning Today, assuring that her friend has sent her an email telling her that she couldn’t seem more uncomfortable posing with her husband. “I’m more friends with Mila because we’ve known each other for a long time”affirms the interpreter, commenting that since she began working with Kutcher, she has shared the experience with Kunis. [Mila] She even emailed us last night to tell us that we come across as super uncomfortable on the red carpet.. [La situaciĆ³n en general] It’s fun because when you know your friend really well it’s always great to get to know her partner more.”. In this case, Reese has reacted naturally to the comments that are swarming the Internet, without even having to ask. Quite the opposite of how her co-star has reacted, that until she has had to face the issue, she has not alluded to the matter.

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uncomfortable overall

“It has become a meme!”says one of the hosts of the podcast ‘Chicks in the office’. Ashton Kutcher has also spoken out about those uncomfortable positions that he has shared with Witherspoon throughout the campaign for ‘Your house or mine’. He has done it in the mentioned podcast making it clear that, in general, the entire red carpet experience is an uncomfortable thing.

“My wife called me and he texted Reese and me like ‘you guys need to act like you like each other’ and I was like ‘but what’s going on’. The issue is that if I hug her and show myself friendly with her, it would be said that we are involved, the rumor would be that we are having an affair. And if I simply pose next to him with my hands in my pockets, there’s no way to start that rumor, it’s said that we can’t stand it. Reese and I are very good friends. And that’s not something I have to defend.”Kutcher says, later explaining that he has an added difficulty on red carpets: he doesn’t hear very well so he doesn’t know who is calling his name. Hence, the process becomes somewhat of a ball, 20 minutes of looking at different cameras that capture many moments. “If you tell me that in those 20 minutes you’re not going to have a weird face at any time, you’re better at this than me”.

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