Moreira denies relationship with García Luna

The former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, denied a close relationship with Genaro García Luna and having participated in the crimes that his Finance Secretary, Héctor Villarreal, testified.

In a letter posted on social media, Moreira said that during his tenure as governor he refused to work with the Calderón government and the Security Secretariat.

He said that he only spoke to García Luna on three occasions and on one of them they ended in a “heavy discussion, hurling serious verbal insults at us.”

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He therefore denied that García Luna had offered to buy the Pegasus system and that he had served as an intermediary to contact the owner of The universal.

Furthermore, it is absurd that a Secretary of the Cabinet, with the strength that García Luna enjoyed, resorts to a governor to be an intermediary before a media outlet, having the same, due to its high hierarchy, the possibility of addressing all media and, furthermore, the secretariat under his charge had its own budget for communication expenses.

In relation to the statements made today by Mr. Héctor Javier Villarreal in the trial that is being followed against the former Secretary of Public Security, Mr. García Luna, before the Eastern District Court of New York; I am obliged to make the following declarations:

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