Production, exports and sales of light vehicles rise in January

industry light vehicles in Mexico began 2023 with growth in all its sectors: the production in the country grew a 2.38% year-on-year in January, while the exports they went up a 9.93% and the sales increased 20.1%data from the National Institute of Statistics showed on Tuesday (Inegi).

According to the Administrative Registry of the Light Vehicle Automotive Industry (RAIAVL), car production increased to 280,315 units. The trucks light represented the 76.9% of the total produced, while the rest corresponded to the manufacture of cars.

While vehicle exports grew at 238 thousand 135 unitsthe data showed.

Likewise, in the first month of 2023, 94 thousand 414 units were sold to the public in the domestic market, which implied an annual increase of 20.1% compared to the previous year. With this, the indicator recorded a growth at an annual rate for the ninth consecutive month.

However, the increase in January was less than the advance in December 2022, when an increase of 25,593 units was achieved, that is, 20.7% more.

During the same period in 2022, 78,585 transactions were completed, while in 2021 the figure was 81,657. Despite this expansion, sales are still below levels before the pandemic since in January 2020, just before the outbreak of Covid-19, 104 thousand 852 units were sold.

The figures at the beginning of 2023 also represent a slight contraction compared to December, when 102 thousand 862 units were sold to the public, the largest number of sales for this sector in 2022. In all of last year, 1 million 86 were sold. 1,058 units, which is equivalent to 71,323 more than in 2021.

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During 2019, a year before the Covid-19 pandemic, one million 317 thousand 931 vehicles were sold, while in 2020 there was a decline, since transactions were only made for the purchase of 950 thousand 063 cars.

By 2021, sales accumulated one million 14 thousand 735 thousand from January to December. Despite the fact that the figures for 2022 increased compared to the previous year, the sector continues to report a number of more than 231 thousand units below the pre-coronavirus stage. This equals 17.59% less than in said period.

The Inegi analyzes 22 companies affiliated with the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry, AC (AMIA), Giant Motors Latin America and Autos Orientales Picacho. This includes 35 brands and models that are produced and/or marketed in Mexico.

According to their results, five brands accounted for 54.05% of the sales corresponding to the last month of last year. The first place was occupied nissan, with 17 thousand 147, followed by General Motors, with 10 thousand 422. In third place is Toyota, with 8 thousand 356, while in fourth place the brand was positioned Volkswagen, with 7 thousand 607, followed by KIA, with 7 thousand 505.

In terms of production, the brands that top the list are General Motors, with 56,182, Nissan, with 45,237, Stellantis, with 36,900, Toyota, with 23,703, and KIA, with 22,700.

For their part, exports are led by General Motors, with 52,816, Stellantis, with 39,123, Toyota, with 23,956, Ford, with 23,937, and KIA, with 18,304.

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