Televisa exhibits the senator of Morena and officials of Layda Sansores

The newscast “En Punto” from the Televisa company yesterday presented three videos in which two officials of the current government of Campeche and a senator from Morena They receive cash in an office of the Government Palace of that entity, when the interim governor of the state was Carlos Miguel Aysa González, current ambassador of Mexico in the Dominican Republic.

The money deliveries are dated by Nmorethe new image of the television news, before the federal and state elections held in June 2021, when Sansores San Román was Morena’s candidate for governor of Televisa and Carlos Miguel Aysa González He served as interim governor.

In the videos they appear Raul Wells Lanzcurrent Secretary of Education of Campeche; Armando Toledo Jamithead of the office of the governor, and the senator of Morena for that entity, Rocio Abreu Artinano.

The two officials have in common that they resigned from the PRI at the beginning of the electoral campaign and joined the campaign of Layda Sansores who finally prevailed in the elections for governor, leaving the standard-bearer of the PRI in third place. PRI, Christian Castro Bello.

After Layda’s triumph, Pozos and Toledo obtained positions in the Sansores government.

For his part, Abreu resigned from the PRI in 2019 after denouncing that the then governor of Campeche and today the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno Cardenas, “Alito”wanted to force her to resign from the Senate to impose her substitute, Castro Bello, who is also the nephew of “Alito”.

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The first video, dated May 2021, shows Raul Wells Lanz receiving at least 4 bundles of 500-peso bills, without speaking or counting a specific amount of money.

In the recording, the person who gives him the cash is not observed, but Pozos Lanz keeps it in a small black suitcase. Before

The delivery of the bundles of bills would have occurred in the attached office of the Campeche Government Secretariat, a position that between 2019 and 2021 was held by Pedro Armentía López and Jorge de Jesús Argaez Uribewithout either of them having been mentioned in the Televisa note.

In addition, two different videos of the senator are shown Rocio Abreu receiving four bundles of 500 peso bills in that same office, located on the fourth floor of the Government Palace. Neither is there a count nor is the person granting the resources visible.

The money is taken in paper bags.

The last video broadcast by Televisa shows Armando Toledo making a cursory review of the bundles of bills, in addition to showing a receipt that according to the informative note, was signed by the now official of Layda Sansores.

When asked about it, Raúl Pozos argued that he was only in the Government Palace when he was a leader of the PRI between 2017 and 2019, so he considers that the money may correspond to the delivery of support.

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Senator Rocío Abreu said that she has never asked for money and that if she received cash it could be something related to the payment of taxes or duties.

Meanwhile, Armando Toledo did not respond to the television station’s query.

The Governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, nor has he issued any statement or sent messages through his Twitter account.

In fact, this Monday he did not publish the advance of his program “Tuesday of the Jaguar” in which he usually exhibits conversations between the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno, with other politicians, senior officials and company executives.

Before the display of these videos, Layda Sansores showed alleged conversations between “Alito” and the former legal director of Televisa and adviser to that company, Javier Roof, who never denied the veracity of the Whatsapp messages shown by Sansores San Román, but did deny any irregularity in the contracts signed by the television station with the Campeche government.

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