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The ‘Bridgertons’ team has always been very open about What is it like shooting the sex scenes of the series?, with testimonials from both the privacy coordinators and the actors themselves sharing their experience. This time it was Simone Ashley who spoke to The Times and has revealed curious details regarding the intimate scenes with Jonathan Bailey.

“We shot all our intimate scenes in a week”says Ashley, whom we will see again next season as Kate Sharma alongside her Anthony Bridgerton (Bailey). Despite the fact that the second season has considerably fewer intimate encounters compared to the first, it is still an exhaustive work: “It’s a lot of stuff, preparing for it every day and making sure you get enough sleep, doing whatever it takes to feel ready.”she says about her scenes with Bailey.

However, the actors made sure to celebrate the completion of the intimate shoot with a drink: “We had champagne when we finished the sex scenes in ‘The Bridgertons’recounts the actress. “It seemed like we had done the hardest part of the eleven months of shooting”.

hateful corsets

Simone Ashley has also revealed that the corsets she wears in the Netflix series are not exactly to her liking. What’s more, she hated them. “I hated wearing those corsets while we were shooting ‘Bridgerton. They’re beautiful, but I hate them. Never more!. The actress explains the reason for her rejection: “Corsets push everything down to the bottom of your stomach. That means when you take them off, you have a little bulge.”.

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The third season of ‘The Bridgertons’ is expected to arrive this year, although we will still have to wait for a more exact date. Meanwhile, the first and second seasons are available on Netflix and the prequel spin-off ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ opens this spring.

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